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BLOG/Spring Break 2017

Spring Break 2017 Blog

          Hi guys, I realize that I mightttt be a wee bit behind, but better late than never. Right?  You know how finals week is… need I say more. So in that case, I can’t bear the thought of letting this bangin’ week go by without documenting and sharing with you in more deets. So you have already seen my Spring Break video and now it is time to recap. One of the best parts of my junior year is when the bell rang to release us into the arms of Spring Break. Teenagers pooled out of the classrooms jumping and screaming for joy. I have been planning this moment for months on end. So now it’s time to break free from tests and homework and hit the beach.


My SB2K17 consists of many adventures with several of my A-list pals. First up was a Funday Sunday with my boyfriend CJ, which just so happened to be Easter as well. We decided that the beach didn’t sound like such a bad idea. I sported around my new bubble gum pink “Bae Watch” onesie swimmie from Forever 21 while we played games and lounged amongst the hot sun. 21

Not to mention all the fun activities such as water balloon fights, beach baseball, and my sig, making murals in the sand for a creative way to mark the special occasion.

Next on my Spring Break agenda was a quick visit to the sunny state of Florida where I met up with the ND Photography crew on Clearwater beach to get some savage pics under the sunset. I know it sounds crazy but it was actually my first ever beach shoot. No doubt one of my favs to date & I had a fit over the outcome. So kudos and many thanks to my peeps at ND.

(Instagram @N_D_Photography_)

I saved the best for last… There is no way that I could take a trip to Tampa and not hit up the mall, so I moseyed on down to the International Plaza and racked up on some hot ish at the Urban Outfitters and sweet sweet Zara.  Not only am I in love with Urban Outfitters’ clothing, but I am a sucker for their old school home décor and vintage record players/records, just to name a few. Everything about this place inspires me.URBAN OUTFITTERS

After a longgg day of shopping till dropping, it was time to grubbb. As we all probably know, I am a health nut, so I ran over to Fit 2 Run and grabbed an acai berry bowl with loads of fruit piled on top. Fit 2 Run is a runners superstore and it has this super cute little fitness bar called Fit 2 go that offers healthy choices. Their acai bowl is by far their best seller. This hit the spot. So not gonna lie, I do have a sweet tooth. I know I know… I just said I am a health nut, but there is the occasional cheat day and when I see Le Macaron, I have to stop by and take a look. Their gelato and macaroons are to die for! Not only are they delish, they are just downright beautiful. I def recommend giving them a shot.

The next morning I hoped on a plane to Jersey to hang with my bud Daniel Dai.(Instagram @danieldaiii) BTW, he is the crazy one you see me with bouncin’ and jumping in the pit at Skyzone. He is just a bundle of joy to say the least. You can always check a thing or two off your bucket list when you are with Daniel.

Aside from all the shenanigans, it was time to get down to buiness. Time to take it to Zeelum photography’s studio and snap some shots for my clothing line, Lacey Jade Designs.

I met some amazing people from this company and loved working with them. Not to mention the yummy “skinny girl snack bar” filled with tuna wraps, muffins, cheesecake, and fruit. The digitals were absolutely breathtaking and my day was jam up. I definitely look forward to working with them again in the near future. Thank you Miri for making it an experience to remember.

Believe it or not, it was already time to wrap up my week. What a way to start my summer. Just a taste of the beach and seasonal travel to make fun memories has me pumped!  It was a Spring Break to go down in the books, that is for sure. Comment below and let me know what you did for Spring Break 2k17

<3 Lacey Jade xx

Instagram: @laceyjadeevans

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Calling all my CHILD MODEL peeps…📣 I am inviting you to come join me for my debut editorial with Child Model Magazine at the ORLANDO SUMMER FASHION PARADE 2017. Lacey Jade Designs presents 🎥 🎬 a vintage military (1960’s inspired) photo shoot with ND-Photography. 🇺🇸🥁

Date: Thursday June 15th
Time: 5:00 P.M.
Location: TBT (old vintage car/truck)
Fee: $325 (psstttt… btw this package comes with 5 high res edited individual images, hair & makeup, feature in Child Model Magazine, free t-shirt, and a complimentary behind the scenes video – courtesy of Lacey Evans)

Please inbox me for further questions and inquiries.

Much love ❤️ xx, Lacey Jade

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What to pack for a photo shoot

Now that you’ve got a photo shoot booked, let’s get you ready for it! Getting ready for a photo shoot may seem overwhelming… organization is the key!  Being organized will keep you calm and cool. Speaking from experience there are certain things that are a must regardless of the type shoot. The first thing you will need is a nice spacious bag, my personal favorite is the rac n roll. It’s a large duffel bag style suitcase that has plenty of pockets with telescopic side rods for hanging your clothes to help prevent wrinkles. It’s literally a dressing room on wheels.



At this point you have probably thought about the looks you want to capture. If not, you could hit your local book stores and browse through the latest copies of teen mags to get the ideas popping. You could also check out Pinterest boards or ask your photographer if he or she has any thoughts.


This is my checklist… it is by no means written in stone, you do you!Let’s move on to clothing. Options are a good thing always bring more than you will need. Stray away from crazy patterns and large logos. Coordinate but don’t be matchy matchy, layers are always good.
1.       Little black dress (LBD)   

Your LBD should be a staple piece; it doesn’t necessarily have to be black, just keep it simple. Try knit or polyester to prevent wrinkles. Here are a few of my favorites to get you started.



2.  Jeans/shorts/capris
Choose your favorite jeans, shorts, and/or capris, the ones you feel most comfortable wearing. Make sure they fit you perfectly.



3. Tanks/shirts
Assorted colors and styles of tanks and shirts are a must.  American Apparel is the AMERICAN APPperfect place to purchase these items they have any style or color you could imagine.


4. UndergarmentsVICTORIA
Coordinated flesh colored or nude bra and panty sets are best. There’s nothing worse than seeing colored bras and panties through your clothing in your beautiful photos.   I suggest you bring a robe and flip flops to wear in between changes.


5.  Shoes
High heels in black and tan are the way to go. You can’t go wrong with neutral colors.  Casual flats and sandals are another good choice for shoes.  It’s best to have a variety to choose from, just in case the photographer has a different idea.



6. Hair/Hair accessoriesMOROCIAN
Be sure your locks are clean, styled, and ready to shoot. An assortment of hair accessories such as, a brush, comb, straightener, curling iron, styling products, and hair ties will serve you well. Headbands, head pieces, and hats are a big hit for a fashionista these days.




7. Make up
Even if your shoot involves a makeup artist you will need a complete make up kit with a URBANDECAYmirror. Be sure to have several different shades of lipstick. Don’t forget your bronzer; you will be under bright lights with a very precise camera!


8. Accessories
Your photos will benefit greatly when you incorporate super fly accessories. The bigger the better in my opinion, but this is something that has to be your choice.  It’s a personal preference. Just remember, it’s a camera and if it’s too small you won’t be able to see tiny accessories. But, I also suggest keeping simple. You don’t want to overdo it.  Necklaces, AMARILLOearrings, bracelets, and rings are at the top of my list.  Amarilo and Freepeople are my jam.


Now that we have the ground work done here are a few additional items. Body butter for smooth and glowing skin is a good idea.  Sunscreen, insect repellant, and eye drops are smart items to pack, especially for an outdoor shoot. Pack lots of snacks and water to keep your energy levels up, and my personal fav is a playlist for some tunes while you work.  If you want to look good packing properly is a must!  Most importantly, bring a good attitude, as it reads through the camera.  Best of luck with your shoots…. I look forward to seeing your fabulous pics. Tag me on Insta… I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THE FINISHED PRODUCT! @laceyjadeevans


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Mobile Fashion Week (Promo)

AHHH!!! I am so honored to be apart of the amazing Mobile Fashion Week promo video! ❤️🤤 it is amazing! Thank you so so so much!!!! 😻 much love

Mobile Fashion Week at Alabama Contemporary Art Center

We are proud to launch our 2017 Promotional Video!

Thanks Alabama Contemporary Art Center for allowing us to film at our 2017 location and walk our future guest through this amazing location ending in the actual show location area.

This video features looks from Polish Boutique, Fly Times Boutique, The Wandering Lilly, & BLYNDi which will be presenting Fall Fashion during the 2017 shows Sept. 24th – 30th in Downtown Mobile. These looks were styled by our 2017 Lead Stylist Allison Neidhardt Miller; from head to toe we couldn’t have asked for a better styling partner during the 2017 season!

Talent ran high during the filming of our 2017 promotional video. Roman at Port City Motion worked his magic behind the lens to create a feeling for fashion and movement throughout the entire video. Bella the DJ lended her expertise of music mixing to create an allover atmosphere in this production. Make Up Artist Courtney Dreher Matthews worked her magic behind the brushes to create a subtle mix of natural & fashion makeup trends and hairstylist Jakob Dozen (Aura Holistic Hair) added his own flair-in-hair to help finish off and create the allover look for the beautiful model Lacey.

Mobile Fashion Week wants to thank all the talent and supporters that have helped bring 2017 season to life, there is still time to join this runway event happening Sept. 24th – 30th in Downtown Mobile at the ACAC! Email to become a presenter at the “Largest Fashion Event” in Alabama!

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Make Up Tutorial

As a little girl I remember Santa leaving those dope (age 10ish) value pack makeup gift sets under the tree.  Boi did I think I was something else!  I could hardly wait to get my sticky lil fingers on that multi-color shadow palette.  Of course, the glitter pink was my favorite.  Thank goodness, in this case, things changed as I got a little older (oh, maybe like 12ish) I always looked forward to receiving the free bonus that Clinique, Lancôme, or Estee Lauder used to probe customers to buy their product.  I had quite the collection with both my grandmother and great-grandmother handing over the bonus after their purchase.  That was a game changer.  I began to study the art & fads of makeup via You Tube, Instagram, and/or Pinterest.  So you see, my love for makeup started at a very young age and through the years I’ve discovered some of my fav products by trial and error.  I’m dishing out several of those amazing products and tips below in my video.  If you’re looking to up your beauty game take a look at my basic make up tutorial! Feel free to comment below and give us some tips and tricks. Hope you enjoy! @laceyjadeevans

Makeup Tutorial

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Summer Must Havs

Summer Must Havs

Summer Must Havs by Lacey Evans

Want to start your summer 17 with a sizzle…?

  1. Dai*sy Dukes… Tight-fitting denim shorts for women, typically made from a pair of cutoff jeans. These are no doubt number one on my list for summer. Pair your fav DD’s up with just about any top in your closet and you can’t go wrong.


2. White Jeans… Are a canvas you can create anything around them. Expect compliments when you wear any type of trendy white jean whether it be straight leg, skinny, bell bottom, boot cut or capri’s.


3. Crop tops… Are a must to add to your wardrobe for summer. Show off your midriff with your favorite glam or causal style crop day or night. They will keep you looking stylish throughout the season without busting your budget. I like to pair my crops with daisy dukes, gladiator sandals, and a cute bandana in my hair.


4. Sunnies… “Go big or go home” is my motto this summer. While protecting your eyes from the rays, you gotta look gucci fo sho. That’s why I have chosen the cat eye this year it adds an extra dose of flare on a nice sunny day.


5. Dewy Makeup… For a light summery natural look, ditch the heavy makeup and add a highlighter. Skip liquid foundations in the summer and just go with a light powder foundation with an SPF. Apply bronzer to the cheeks, forehead, and around the hairline. Use a neutral, shimmery shade of eye shadow, and a little mascara & eyeliner to make your eyes pop. Add color to your lips, I stick to natural colors. Tada you will look like you have just been kissed by the sun.


6. Pura Vida… Do I have any Pura Vida fans in the house? Bracelets are a groovy way to accessorize this summer; you can never have too many. Each Pura Vida bracelet is handmade in Costa Rica. They are a simple string bracelet that comes in a variety of colors and are adjustable. These bracelets are boss this summer. Check them out and don’t forget to stack.


7. Birkenstock’s… The sandal that has been around since the 1960’s has made a comeback, and boy are they a hit. With over 300 styles you are sure to find the perfect pair. No doubt they are the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn. According to Vogue the sandal is said to look “sexy” with a fresh pedicure and a lady like dress.


8. Gladiators… These epic Roman shoes have been spotted on the runway this summer. Gladiators are the bomb they come in mucho styles. You can sport a pair of gladiators in a sandal or a heel. They come in three different types: mid-calf, knee, and ankle. Gladiators can be worn with shorts, skirts, or dresses. They are great to wear on a hot summer day.


9. Handbag…The crossbody style has been my go to this summer. Love that it keeps your hands free. Another style trending on fashion lane is the backpack; it has made it into an everyday wardrobe.

10. Mani/Pedi… Is the best way to celebrate your fingers and toes now that summer is in full swing.  With a little help from foot friendly products or a trip to the salon, you can maintain the health of your hands and feet. Be adventurous with all the awesome color combos. I have a thing for OPI pinks: Mod About You, and Second Honeymoon. These three are fab and especially with a little tan. Take a break and treat yourself to a mani/pedi they are a great stress reliever.